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SENSIT Technologies designs, manufactures and services a complete line of gas leak detection instruments, combustible gas indicators and confined space monitors. Our product-line also includes vehicle mounted methane detectors and underground pipe locators.

Why Choose SENSIT?

• User-Friendly, Durable Instruments
• Lowest Cost of Ownership
• Unmatched Service and Support

SENSIT Gas Detection Instruments detect one or more of the following gases:
Combustibles Toxic Gases Other Gases
Natural Gas Carbon Monoxide Oxygen
Methane Hydrogen Sulfide Nitrogen Dioxide
Propane Hydrogen Cyanide Sulfur Dioxide
SENSIT combustible gas leak detectors and hazardous gas monitors are engineered to the exacting standards used within the natural gas industry. Our instruments undergo stringent testing for durability and intrinsic safety to gain approvals from UL, CSA and ATEX. View All Products

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